The Journey Home: What I am asking for, His Kingdom

This morning, I seemed to be asked “What is your request?”. The end at the beginning was that I didn’t trust Holy Spirit in me.

I started with things that I wanted, to be able to grill without unlocking 12 doors in the process. Screened in porch. Fireplace(s). Land. Fishing. Hunting. Room for exercise equipment. Room for shop. Room for sorting. Home office/library. Pool table. Lawn mowing & Driveway care equipment. Funds for retirement. Funds for BoxGrid. In-law apartment. Guest house(s). Good internet.

Then I realized that it wouldn’t be fun without fellowship. That brought up a deep ache, not just for wives for myself and my son, but real followers of Jesus close by, who know His Spirit, and have peers in the walk, including suffering and kingdom heart.

There is a property that has a lot of the features, but it is $1M (mainly because of the land. The house isn’t great, but isn’t bad either. It would be nice to turn it into the guest house / in-law, and build a house for my son, and godson. It has decent outbuildings. But the fellowship part is the hard part. I ache for fellowship. I know that my son needs fellowship, including godly young women who know how to receive His love, and want others to receive it as well.

And then there are all the body and soul issues that my son wrestles with. We need to understand His gifts of healing, and authority.

And because the property lacks some things, I asked if there is a different property, and to be led around until we find the one, and that His Spirit would let us know. Then I realized how that sounded like the children of Israel. Let’s just wander around until we stumble across the promised land.

Nope. I don’t want any more wandering. I want to start. I want to start this week. I trust His Holy Spirit to provide the funds, and to work with us in the work.