Living With Fellow Beings Created in the Image of God

Kind of working from right to left, I need to look for the image of God in everyone.  If I don’t see it, I need to ask God to show it to me.

This is one more part of my experience, grace.  As the book of the Apostle John starts out describing Jesus, he uses the words “grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ”.  The grace brought me to a place of believing.  What I believed seems to be heading more and more into truth, especially the truth that God loves me.  And one of those things that I borrow from other people (made in His image), who love me, is that they want to be close.  They want to communicate.  Their hearts are always with me.  So it doesn’t make any sense to me for God to be far off, speak only Hebrew and Greek, need professionals in order to communicate with me.

In fact, He talks to me a lot.

His Holy Spirit was sent to dwell in me to guide me into all truth.  [I should say that it doesn’t happen all at once, and sometimes, I have to internalize one piece before He can move me on to clearer, and deeper understanding.]

One thing that gives me hope is that His love for me didn’t start when I became a Christian, or even when I was born, but when He first thought of me, and the life I would live.  And, I believe that is the same for you, and for everyone that I meet.

So I can ask Him to show me someone’s image of Him that I am having a hard time seeing. I can also ask Him why I am having a hard time seeing.

As long as we are on things that bring me hope, another things are the words “It is finished” that Jesus said on the cross of His execution.  My debt keeps piling up.  Selfishness here, lust there, malice, manipulation, … yuk.  The more that I struggle against it, the worse I seem to be ensnared.  But I don’t have to struggle against it.  I need to let Him win the struggle.  Or more precisely, He has already won the struggle on my behalf.  But.  But . But.  Shouldn’t I be sorry for the things I have done?  Yes!  Shouldn’t I admit wrong, and ask forgiveness, and seek healing and restoration on behalf of those that I sinned against.  Yes!!!  But, my debt is transferred to His account.  He took the punishment that my sin deserves.  I am free to be loved, and to love others in admitting I am wrong, asking forgiveness, and seeking healing and restoration on their behalf.

And Holy Spirit says “For you too”.  Yes, I need it inbound too.  There are others who have sinned against me, falsely accused me, used me, exploited me, put me down, sown seeds of doubt in me.  “They” may never come and ask my forgiveness and seek my restoration, and my healing, but Jesus blood is a testimony to me that my hurt mattered / matters to Him.  He comes, having taken the penalty, also bringing the comfort and healing that I need.  He covers their sin in terms of punishment, and He covers the effects of their sin, the wounds that I have, with love, so that I may do the same.

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