The Lord’s Love (and Applause for my cooking)

Like, a lot of good cooking, I have to make sure that this is not too long and complex.

To set the context, I am a good cook, only when I let Holy Spirit cook through me.

I was part of a church that had a meal after church every Sunday. The things that people brought were amazing. And, with a clear understanding that I would put friends in danger if I cooked without direction from Holy Spirit, I contributed some.

My doctor has advised a low-fat, low salt, largely plant based diet. It is counter cultural. People are vegetarians or vegans for a whole lot of reasons. The interesting thing is that french fries are vegan (when cooked in vegetable oil), and people who for other reasons believe in vegetarianism or veganism celebrate that. But, that is not what the doctor had in mind.

So, God has been teaching me about making food flavorful through spices, and how to cut fat, and sometimes meat out of favorites. My former pastor’s wife helped encourage me to cook plant-based, because she was vegetarian.

The problem was, and this may sound strange, that when I took my cooking direction from Holy Spirit, everything turned out amazing. I was constantly asked for recipes (which I really didn’t have, because I was doing a lot of improvised cutting out, at the direction of Holy Spirit.)

For the first time in a while, I cooked for the, now monthly, potluck. I made lowfat vegetarian sausage gravy. Some things didn’t go as planned, the onions didn’t caramelize in the slow cooker over night. I nearly burned the liquid in the slow cooker as I added flour to thicken it. I caramelized the onions in a skillet, and then cooked the combination of MorningStar Farms breakfast sausage and MorningStar Farms Chorizo crumbles in the pan after I had finished caramelizing the onions in the skillet.

I put the spices, lowfat milk, and (fat-free) sour cream in the crockpot, and added the sausage after it had been cooked. It came out good. No one asked for the recipe. It was almost all gone. Not much was on plates in the garbage cans. So, it was good. Frankly, what was great was not having the praise to contend with (that I didn’t deserve), and just following Holy Spirit.

He was delighted. He knows this isn’t a performance. He was glad that I trusted Him, and was satisfied (delighted) with that.