The Sound of Water

The sound of water is a gift, especially to me. There is a beautiful park in a little village near where I live. It is the town where the Lord first led me on this adventure. I was so thrilled with that house, as I could ride a bicycle to the park where the Lord uses the sound of water tumbling over rocks in a wide shallow creek. He uses the sounds to calm me. It doesn’t hurt that there are several gliders (similar to porch gliders) positioned throughout the park. Somehow, God causes the stress to melt away, and I can listen more easily. And, John Eldredge would correctly say that my heart is pierced by the beauty of the surroundings.

I had never thought to hope for such a sound in the property. There have been a few that I have looked at online that have had streams, but usually very small ones and others looked too slow and deep for much sound. But I ran across a house, about 90 minutes away, that is on the shore of one of the great lakes, and has 129 acres of primarily woodland with it. Today, all of a sudden, I realized that before we moved to where we are now, that I didn’t know about the little park, and so God did a similar work in me on the shores of that lake, with the sound of the waves. I had just always considered property like that out of reach. I had something in me that hadn’t dared hope that God could provide a place where I could walk to easily, and sit, and listen to the waves.

Yes, He knows me very well. Today, I caught a glimpse of that would truly be exceeding abundantly beyond all that I could have asked or imagined (Eph 3:20)

He also showed me something else today. I have thought of my son. Where is he going to meet his future wife. And where could he plug in to a group of other followers of Jesus who are his age. I thought of the good work that are being done at various schools of supernatural ministry around the country. So I looked up where Redding, CA is, and also where Jesus Culture is based out of. I saw one ranch, near Folsom, CA (where Jesus Culture is). It was 126 acres, and just beautiful, rolling hills that I would never want to leave. That is where the Lord said that He wanted the house that He will give us is supposed to remind us of the goodness of heaven, not replace it.