Ps 16:11 in action – In Your presence

The really cool thing is that the more that I look, the further back this goes.

It is really kind of fun to look how far back. But for tonight, I will just share some of the questions and prayers, and some of them were answered.

Yesterday, I prayed with a friend. He sensed that there were some demons that were in operation in my life. No, I won’t get into the theological part of this because the people that argue about are you binding spirits off, or casting them out, and can Christians have a demon, generally aren’t supporting deliverance, just arguing over it. So, I pray, like a little child would, knowing that my Dad can fix anything that I don’t get quite right, and that He is the world’s best Teacher.

So I bound a man-hating spirit, a lying spirit (that said that I couldn’t bind it), and a “zero spirit” which my friend picked up on. I had never heard of a “zero spirit”, but he explained that a zero spirit takes up space (place holder), but counts for nothing. Another way of looking at it is that it lies and says that you are unnecessary. So, I bound them in the authority that I had as a son of the Most High God, my adoption obtained by Jesus on His cross, and sealed by Holy Spirit. At first, I did speak rather weakly to them, but then with greater courage. I sent them to Jesus for judgment.

But, afterwards, I began to wonder about authority. I knew it. I believed it. I was looking for more.

A friend, on Sunday had invited me to a poetry reading at a place, and asked me if I could come. I sensed that it was important, so I went. I had been given the address. When I got there is was basically a satanic themed bar. I wasn’t afraid. I knew that in many ways having an adopted son of the Most High God show up should generate fear, just not in me.

So, I sat down at the bar, and ordered a hot toddy. I had never had one before and it was a cold night. It was in a mug with a distorted face on it. It reminded me of the hunchback of Notre Dame or possibly Cythraul from “The Myridian Constellation”. There were specials on the menu like “The Cloven Hoof” and others. Offers for tarot card readings. You know.

In any case, I started to pray in the Spirit, and a prayer with understanding came to me in poetry form. It was powerful. I prayed it and sent it to my friend (who turned out unable to make it). Holy Spirit indicated that I should stop drinking the toddy and that I should leave. I did.

Real! Real Jesus!